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products for sale

We only sell what we use!

In our grooming salon and spa we only use all-natural and organic products.

We believe our customers deserve the best and we constantly reviewing our products range to ensure the highest quality of our shampoos, conditioners and spa products.

We selected the range of cosmetics for sale when this “in-between grooming appointments” bath is needed at home.

As the wellbeing of our pets starts within inside we also sell teeth cleaning gel and wide range of “row diet”  food.

Aromatherapy shampoos and cologne chose from:

Lavender, Mandarin, Jojoba & Fennel or Honey &Almond

Our Signature colognes: Blue Breeze or Baby Fresh

Selection of ‘Espree’ natural shampoos including best seller for itchy and irritated skin: Tar & Sulfa Shampoo

‘Fresh Breath’ teeth cleaning gel. Hassle free and highly effective natural product to help maintain healthy teeth and fresh breath.

We stock several high quality flavours of ‘Albion’ row diet food. Hypoallergenic and 100% natural, tasty food, your dog will love!